Friday, November 17, 2017


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The Yankees are gonna land Shohei Otani. That's what some say.  In fact, it's a rumor... they're all rumors.  This is what we have become. Baseball insiders trying to fall over each other to have click bait for the world to see.  I hate every minute of it.

Enter Jon Heyman who hinted about this... Larry Brown Sports reports:

"Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reported Thursday that many Yankees rivals see them as the “supreme favorite” to sign 23-year-old Japanese phenom Shohei Otani. He also adds that a Monday deadline has been set to determine whether or not Otani will be posted by his Nippon Ham Fighters this winter."

Then of course you have Jon's tweet, which makes it seem like something's BREAKING... whatever that means.

I mean honestly Jon, I'm not losing sleep over whether or not the Yankees get Otani or what the players union does. The rumors are alittle over the top.

Being responsible, this is what BYB can say about this; Cashman is intrigued by the idea of having a player that can pitch and hit.  The Yankees seem interested.  But that's it right now.  Let's not get nutty.

More to come... for sure.


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We hear about the "Yankees connected to Rangers prospect Juriskson Profar" all the time. But this time it seems more serious.

This is the latest on this rumor, courtesy of the New York Post and Joel Sherman:

"The Yankees are still trying to make a trade or two before the Monday deadline to freeze 40-man rosters for December’s Rule 5 draft, and one player who has surprisingly caught their attention is Texas’ Jurickson Profar.

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The Yankees are deep in infield prospects, so there is no obvious place for Profar – once the top prospect in the game – to play.

But it seems the Yankees would be willing to take on a single player with upside and pedigree in exchange for multiple players who are crowding their deep 40-man roster."

Photo: New York Daily News
And so now the question is, will they do something like this.  I mean, we have Didi Gregorius and we love him. We have a ton of great prospects already.  I feel like Cashman is doing this strictly to stock pile, and like Sherman suggests, "...take on a single player with upside and pedigree in exchange for multiple players who are crowding their deep 40-man roster."

Cashman is smarter than all of us.  I am assuming he has a plan.  Whatever it is, and yes, there is no easy fit... the idea of Profar in pinstripes is definitely intriguing.  We shall see...

Happy Friday.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017


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I don't see the Yankees trying to get Giancarlo Stanton. With Aaron Judge in right field, and the money that is owed to Stanton in that monster contract, it doesn't make much sense.  So know that when you read this latest report attributed to Jon Heyman, but written by writes:

"...According to WFAN baseball insider Jon Heyman, the Marlins and Yankees had a brief discussion about Stanton during the General Manager Meetings in Orlando Florida.Now, just how serious the Yankees are about potentially acquiring the best power hitter in the game, a guy coming off a 59-home run season who is a favorite to win the NL MVP Award when the announcement is made on Thursday night, is not really known. Heyman characterized the discussion between Marlins GM Michael Hill and the Yankees’ Brian Cashman as nothing more than Miami asking if New York has interest in Stanton and the Yankees’ responding that they would listen to the Marlins’ proposal.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images 
So, it’s safe  to say discussions between the sides are in the very early stages."

Don't read anything into it yet, please.  I'm not. It's flashy, it's interesting and I firmly believe it will amount to nothing.

Thanks Jon Heyman.


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It's weird to think about right now but as the Yankees look to make improvements to their roster and managing staff they could look at the free agent market and make one more addition to the team. I'm just not sold that this would be a big upgrade BUT....could the Yankees also be looking for a new backup catcher?

I like Austin Romine, I think he's a good guy but truth is he is really just an okay defender with a lackluster bat. He actually barely cracks the top thirty in defensive stats and when you aren't a great defender and are a sub-par hitter that just makes it worse. Romine doesn't really stand out as having one great standout skill, which is a problem when you are on a rebuilding and young competitive team.

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So I guess the question the Yankees stick with Romine or look for someone else to backup Gary Sanchez? The Yankees know what they are getting with Romine, he's been around for six years now. He outlasted names like Jesus Montero and John Ryan Murphy and even looked like the more appealing option for catcher back in September when the Yankees were preparing for the Wild Card game against the Twins. Several media sources like NY Daily News and Newsday even wrote pieces calling for Joe Girardi to start Romine instead of Sanchez.

Source: Stacy Revere/Getty Images North America
So if media outlets had so much faith in Romine in a must win game, is there anyone else out there that could be considered an upgrade? There are two catchers that are free agents, Jonathan Lucroy and Alex Avila. I doubt Lucroy would sign with the Yankees for a backup catcher role but Alex Avila is used to a backup role already and could be intriguing.

If the Yankees want to improve their offensive production in their backup role Avila would give more of that then Romine. This season in 376 plate appearances he had a .236 BA, hit 14 home runs with 49 RBI's. It certainly beats Romine's 80 plate appearances and .218 BA with 2 home runs and 21 RBI's. His left handed bat would also come in handy at Yankee stadium. Offensively, he has more to offer than Romine does. Defensively though, he's not a significant upgrade over Romine and his bat outshines his defensive skills.

Could the Yankees make the call and try to sign Avila? Maybe, but he is going to want a lot more playing time and behind Sanchez that's not likely. Honestly who wants to be stuck behind one of the games most exciting young catchers? I am willing to bet it's not Avila.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor 
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Look, it's just nice to be in the running, right?

I didn't expect Sevy to WIN the Cy Young, but I was hoping he would.  Luis Severino finished 3rd in the running for Cy Young.  The winner? Corey Kluber.

Here's Newsday:

"Corey Kluber of the Cleveland Indians won the American League Cy Young Award on Wednesday night.

Luis Severino of the Yankees and Chris Sale of Boston were finalists. Voting was conducted by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, based on regular-season performance. Kluber had 204 points, Sale had 126 and Severino had 73."

I think deep down we all thought Kluber had it in the bag, even though we finally got to him in the playoffs.  He's just more seasoned than Sevy. But no doubt, Severino kicked butt this season.

I tip my cap.